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Peridot by Queen-iee-oh

This is a rather funny, hilarious idea to have on DA! Sure, many people are already seeing Peridot as some sort of space dorito, but th...

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Author's Notes: I told my friend cargaku22 on that I would now take over his story and complete the story of Nick becoming a Marvel superhero for him.

He said so himself: Look at the edited in message he's put on the fanfic's page:…

Welp, time to start the story.

Me and my friend apologize if it is too... poorly written. We've been getting the complaint a lot from some people lately, but there are, at least, also people who don't mind it and just love the story, so I hope you'll take interest in the story, too.

Chapter 1: Origin Story, Episode 1: The Way of The Vulpine

Prologue: It was a good morning in Zootopia, indeed. It was 5:30am in the morning and Nick woke up early to get to work, taking a bath, drying, getting his uniform and then getting inside his cruiser to fetch Judy. He waited near her apartment for a few minutes and she got out of the door prepared and filled with excitement and activeness. She got inside the cruiser and rode shotgun.

"Hey, Nick!" Judy said with a smile on her face.

"Hey to you, too, Carrots" Nick replied, also with a smile on his face.

They then drove to the ZPD and got inside the headquarters' meeting room to wait for their assignment. Surprisingly, they were the first to arrive and waited for everybody else to enter the room. Once everybody else got in, Bogo finally arrived with the papers and his "Boss Glasses".

"Alright! Pay attention, everyone! These are today's assignments" Bogo said with a strict voice, as always.

"Mchorn and Bradley, stolen items from a robbed bakery shop. Morty Mane and Anthony, wanted thief."

Nick and Judy were then excitedly waiting for Bogo to give their assignment.

"And my two favorite cops... another drag racer on the loose in Tundratown" Bogo said, with Judy replying "Alright, Chief!"with eagerness in her tone.

After waiting for the rest of the cops to get their assignments, Judy left the room and then out of the building with hyperactiveness while Nick just calmly walked and followed her into the cruiser.

"Another drag racer assignment! Wanna bet it's Flash again, Nick?" Judy was asked Nick like the fun-loving bunny she is.

"At the same time, I both think and don't think it's Flash. I mean, he promised not to do such a thing again because he didn't want to be put behind bars, but what if he was lying?" Nick replied.

"Well, let's find out!" Judy said as Nick drove them to Tundratown.

They then arrive in Tundratown and waited in an alley.

"Eh... you couldn't find a better hiding place?" Judy sarcastically asked Nick.

"Hey, Try Everything-literally"Nick let out a small guffaw after saying that, but the only reply Judy made was look at Nick with a Not-Amused face.

"Oh, come on, Carrots! I know it was funny!" Nick said, trying to make her sense of humor surface out of her, but to no avail.

"Let's just look out for that drag racer dude" Judy said, ending the little conversation they were having.

They waited in the alley for a few minutes and were starting to get really bored. Nick yawned and just looked at the road in front of him with pure boredom in his eyes.

"Ya know, I expected this assignment to be more... I don't know... exciting" Nick said.

"I know... maybe, if we wait a little-" Judy tried to reply to Nick, but was interrupted when both she and Nick were easily alerted by a speeding car passing by them.

"That's our guy!" Nick said and started the engine of the cruiser up and gave chase to the speed demon.

He stepped on it and continued chasing the driver down. Their little 'fun' was running rampant across Tundratown, and was causing mass mayhem and panic all over the place. No matter what, the driver didn't stop and didn't care about the pedestrians he almost hit.

"This guy is definitely not Flash! This guy is a full-blown psychopath if he acts like this!"Nick told Judy.

"I know! Just don't lose him!" Judy replied to him.

The mad driver then hit a peddler's cart of fruits and vegetables, and the cruiser had tomatoes smeared all over it's windows when the things flew at it.

"Gah! Can't see!" Nick said, now frustrated with the driver's constant tricks and persistence.

He activated the wipers to wipe the tomatoes off, but it little to no good and only made them spread.

"Great, now I can't see! Bogo's gonna get really mad when he finds out about our failure!" Nick said with despair and had to stop the cruiser to prevent it from crashing.

"Hey! We can't just give up now!" Judy tried to encourage Nick, but he was unfazed by this.

"I'm sorry, Carrots, but I think-" Nick tried to tell Judy, but the driver did something unexpected.

All of a sudden, the driver slowly stopped a few feet way from them as if he ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere in Tundratown-No buildings or people to be seen but them and the cops that were chasing them. When Nick saw this, he got out of the cruiser along with Judy. Both of them carefully walked towards the car with their tranquilizer darts out. Being very cautious, they didn't get near the vehicle but instead stood a meters way from it and waited for the driver to come out. Their hands were shaking with fear because they knew that this man was going to be dangerous judging by what he did during their chase, so they knew they had to act quick and fast when he'd start coming out and probably end up attacking them with speed so great, they cannot react much to whatever he might do to them. The driver's door slowly opened like a snail, and Nick and Judy were at the ready, but they are surprise attacked by 2 wolves, wearing trench coats, quickly opening the doors from the backseats of the car and lunged at them like savage animals. Nick tried to shoot them, but his hands were too tired from all the driving he had to do, so he missed - And Judy couldn't hit them because they were too fast.

They quickly disarmed the two cops and immobilized them by forcefully holding their hands behind their backs and putting them on the ground as the driver slowly came out with another wolf that was riding shotgun with them. As it so turns out, this chase was intelligently planned by the driver all along: He wanted to exhaust Nick by making him move his arms around in the car with stress to make him lose focus, concentration, and finally hampering his aim by doing so since the arms are also needed by the hands, eliminating the possible problem that could've been caused by Nick. The driver wolf had dark grey fur, a black trench coat and black pants like all of the other wolves, and was the only one with black, tinted shades.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? 2 of ZPD's greatest and finest... the 2 heroes that solved the savage animal case... the good ol' duo, Nick and Judy duo."

The leader wolf said with an ominous tone, watching, while his minions hold them down with brute force and strength as they struggle to break free from their grips.

"So, you thought you could stop us? 4 against 2? Unfair, but I like to play that way - I at least always win in the end." The wolf smugly laughed after saying this.

"Hehe... buddy, if my partner gets loose, she's gonna kick all of your furry asses til' kingdom come."

Nick replied to him, but the wolf was unfazed and doubted that it would happen.

He then said "Oh, really? If? Of course, IF she gets loose. But she isn't even near to getting loose, now is she? Dumb fox" The wolf insulted Nick and this angered him a bit.

"Ya know, for so-called big heroes like you guys, you're actually pretty terrible at doing your job when it comes to doing small things like stopping me and my guys, and you know what? I wanna teach you a lesson about what happens when you try to get in our way"

And from what the sinister wolf said, Nick and Judy knew something really bad was about to happen to them.

"I really do love bunnies... I just wanna give them a hug at times... maybe even beat them up hard to show my love for their fluffyness"

The wolf said and commanded his goons to restrain Judy by the arms and walked close to her.

But Nick protested with fury and said "Buddy... if you lay even one finger on-" Nick was cut off by the wolf kicking his face hard and having the other unoccupied wolf to immobilize him.

"Nick! No!" Judy screamed, wanting to protect her partner.

"Shut up, foxy, you brought this on yourself. Mess with me, and you get something messier from us in return"

The wolf told Nick as the fox groaned in pain from the injury he received from the terrible wolf.

He then proceeded to beat Judy up by punching her in the gut, breaking one of her legs, and clawing at her face while the 2 other wolves restrained her and the other one just watched while he restrained Nick on the ground. Nick couldn't do anything but watch in horror as his fragile partner got beat up and started bleeding heavily from the beating she was getting - And to make things worse, he could hear her sounds of pain and wanted to stop hearing them but couldn't. After Judy was done getting beat and then knocked unconscious, the wolf just smugly smirked at Nick and made the fox's blood boil with rage by doing so.

"You... you're fucking dead asshole! You hear me!? FUCKING DEAD!" Nick shouted at the wolf, but he only laughed at what he said.

"Oh, foxy... the circle of life just doesn't work that way..." The wolf talked to him one last time before knocking him out too by hitting him hard on the back of his head with his fist.

The wolves then went back inside the car and drove off, revealing that it didn't lose gas at all and was just filled with lots of it. The two, beaten cops were lying in the snow. Thankfully, a good samaritan beaver, who was at first just fishing in a lake near the place the beating transpired, hid behind some trees until the wolves left. He got near the two cops and tried to call an ambulance to help them out and told them to hurry up before the bunny he saw in front of him bleeds to death and succumbs to her injuries. The ambulance came just in time to tend to the bunny and bring her to the hospital along with Nick.

In the hospital, Nick slowly woke up from his slumber and looked around his surroundings to find himself lying on a bed with white sheets in a room with it's walls covered in seperate peach and green painting with a small row of other white-sheeted beds on his left and right sides

"Wha... What is this... place...? Hello...? Judy...? Anybody?"

Nick weakly tried to call out to anyone in the room he was in. An antelope doctor, who was in the room, answered Nick's call and said

"Ah, Nick! You're awake, that's good. How are you feeling? Any shakes? Cold feelings? Anything else that's bad? We have to make sure there aren't any other bad injuries"

The doctor asked Nick about what other injuries he had, and Nick replied

"Ah, I'm fine... just a big bump on the head I got from that damn wolf... strange how I even remember what that devil did to me and my bunny...".

The doctor said "Ah, that's the only thing you've got? Well, we wrapped a bandage on the back of your head, so I guess there's no need to do anything else. No need to worry, your bunny friend miraculously survived her injuries and is currently recovering, albeit slowly".

Just by thinking about what that evil wolf did was more than enough to drive Nick angry. He really wanted to do unspeakably horrible things to him for what he did.

"Oh, and Nick, you have a visitor."

The antelope told Nick and revealed that Bogo was waiting outside of the room and the fox could see the buffalo's blurry silhouette behind the door's glass. Bogo then entered the room and greeted Nick

"Hello, Nick. It's nice to see you're all okay. Can you tell me what happened during the assignment I gave you?"

the large buffalo asked the small fox, and he replied

"Oh, I know everything... 4 assholic wolves just had to ruin everything... hurting my Judy like it was all some stupid game they loved playing everyday... I'll kill every last one of them for this... I hope she gets well soon."

Bogo was also angered by this, and he already made those wolves priority number not only because they messed with his 2 favorite cops, but also just committed even more heinous crimes while Nick was out.

"Hey, uh... Chief? How long was I out?" Nick asked him.

"Well... I don't even know how this happened, but you were out for 1 week, and those damn wolves have already done a big number on the city."

Nick was shocked to hear this and couldn't believe it at all.

"Wait, 1 week!? How!?"

Nick continued rambling and muttering until Bogo told him to shut him up with a strict tone. He then told Nick to rest in the hospital until the time comes for his release while the rest of the ZPD handles the wolves, and leaves the room without another word.

It was now nighttime, and Nick was still pissed off at those wolves and wanted to hurt them real bad. Now highly motivated by his desire for revenge on the wolf that made his day a living hell, he snuck out of the hospital, persistently searched for the keys to his cruiser in the night until he found them in his apartment drawer, got inside his cruiser and traveled to places around Zootopia in an attempt to hunt down the evil wolves.

End of prologue.

Nick was out all alone in his cruiser, but Judy wasn't there with him because she was at the hospital, gravely injured. He had to solve a case all on his own; A case of highly frequent robberies and vicious attacks that often took place at nighttime, and the suspects were 4 wolves in black trench coats-Highly intelligent, trained, dangerous, know how run on all fours to outrun almost any vehicle, know how to parkour like pros, and are responsible for Judy's hospitalization. They got away with everything and the cops have been trying to apprehend them for 1 week now. Bogo told Nick not to do this alone and that a highly trained team should do it, but he really wanted to help out the city that was suffering from the mishaps caused by the wolves and get revenge on them for what they did to his partner, so he disobeyed the chief's order and struck out on his own all the while being careful and cautious.

He was waiting in his cruiser in some bushes just 50 meters away from the dam in the rainforest district-Which is used to store falling rain for the water company to turn into fresh water-and 25 meters away from Manchas' house, presuming that the wolves would be in the place wanting to rob more things from unlucky people-and he thought right, for the wolves had appeared near Manchas' house and were quietly sneaking around towards his house, but Nick quickly spotted them.

"There you punks are... think you can just take whatever the hell you want and hurt my bunny like it won't result in anything bad happening to you? Big mistake..." He indirectly said to them with vengeance and anger in his tone.

Not wanting them to get away ever again, he drove towards them at full speed in an attempt to scare them off and scatter them so he can pick them off one by one, but he didn't really think this plan through very well... It was a bad decision indeed, for the wolves were just too smart and fast for him even without a vehicle of their own by running on all fours and hiding in the shadows and bushes around the place - And before all of that, they cut the bridge to the house so that Nick wouldn't enter the house while one of them was looting the entire place and knocking Manchas out.

Now getting desperate, he erratically drives his cruiser around and soon spots one of the wolves running up the dam. He then goes after the said wolf and attempts to corner him. He got out of his cruiser and followed the wolf with his taser out. The wolf got inside a door that lead to the top of the dam and Nick followed him, carefully attempting to confront the leader wolf of the pack. He chased the wolf up the stairs and into the long, stone balcony of the dam. The chase finally ended with Nick cornering the wolf.

"Stop right there, buddy! You're not going anyhere!" Nick shouted at the wolf who hurt his bunny with fury in his eyes. The wolf simply laughed at this and replied

"Well, if it isn't you again? The so-called hero of Zootopia? The brave sidekick of the fuzzy, little bunny who stopped the stupid sheep that tried to make my peeps go savage? I'd thank you for that, but you know what?" He asked Nick, and he asked the wolf back.

"What? Know what?" Nick asked.

The wolf then answered Nick's question, saying

"Well, before you stopped her, she made my brother go savage and made him kill our mother, then cops like you showed up and locked him in a cage! I waited weeks for his release and cure, and I blame both that dumb sheep and your stupid police department for what happened! If you ain't gonna do your job very well, we might as well share the pain we suffered with you - And the good news is it's gonna be easy because we've got good friends who also want the same thing." The wolf smugly grinned afterwards.

"Wait... and you're okay with all of this!? You think your mother would want all of this to happen!? Do you want to be like Bellwether? Your mother wouldn't want any of this to happen! She'd want you to move on and be the good guy she always wanted you to be! Enough with this overreacting!" Nick tried to reason with the wolf, but he was unfazed by what Nick said and told him

"Me? Be like that stupid sheep? My mom would want me to avenge her, show everyone how it's like to be mistreated just for being different, and I'm gonna fulfill my mom's wish." He then grabbed 3 stolen hand grenades from his back pockets and said

"And you're not going to get in me, or my brother's way..."

He pulled the safety pins and threw them on the ground near Nick. Nick then quickly tries to run away, but they exploded before he could and it took a huge chunk of the dam, making it slowly collapse. Nick was knocked unconscious and his badge was knocked off his uniform by the powerful blast, and the wolf runs away before the collapsing dam took him along with Nick. Nick's unconscious body then fell as it was carried away by a massive flood.

The wolf then laughed triumphantly, but something quickly got his attention: A human-sized portal appeared out of nowhere and sucked Nick (Excluding his badge since the badge didn't fall near or into the portal and was carried away by the rest of the water) and some water in for a few seconds before vanishing.

"The hell was that?" The wolf asked himself, closed his eyes and rubbed them, shocked and surprised by what he saw. But he soon lost interest and thought it was just his imagination, and he told his brother and his friends to run quickly before the flood catches them.

Manchas soon recovered from his unconsciousness and saw a flood running rampant under his house. Luckily, it wasn't as big as a tsunami-though almost as big as one and the water almost reached his house's height, so it didn't reach his house that was high up and away from it. Manchas hid inside his house, praying to his mexican gods in a mexican language that he'd survive the disastrous ordeal. But he quickly remembered that he wasn't the only one living in the rainforest district; He knew that there were other people living on the ground, and they'd be killed by the flood if he didn't do something, so Manchas tried to call the ZPD, but couldn't remember the number.

"Okay, Manchas, think! What is the number of the ZPD!?"

He thought to himself, and he puzzled and puzzled for a few seconds until he finally remembered the number and called Clawhauser, but the call took a while to reach him since Manchas' telephone was weak and old due to Manchas being poor.

At the ZPD, Clawhauser was just eating his donuts and looking at the new Gazelle apps that just got released until he was startled by an unexpected call that almost made him drop his box of donuts. Clawhauser answered and said

"Okay, hellooooo? ZPD here, what's your emergency?" Clawhauser answered in a rather playful tone.

"Listen! We don't have much time! A flood is going to kill many innocent people in the rainforest district if we do not hurry and evacuate them in time!"Manchas replied in a panicked tone.

After hearing this, Clawhauser also panics and then goes to Bogo's office to tell him about the massive flood. Squads of police cars were heading to the rainforest district, but were too late... the flash flood had already reached-Albeit it also ended and stopped running- the many houses of many innocent animals, more than likely killing them.

Bogo ordered his police forces to look for survivors and casualties, and finding only some gravely injured survivors and 15 dead animals. Bogo was guilty and remorseful for not saving them in time. But the mourning was cut short when he remembered that Nick was stubbornly trying to stop the wolves alone.

"Damn it! How could I forget about that guy!?" Bogo thought to himself.

He was angered by this fact, but Nick's disobedience didn't matter at the moment, for there were many dead animals to bury and a few severely injured ones to tend to.

Once all of the surviving animals were hospitalized, and Bogo and his forces were just outside of the hospital, Bogo angrily shouted

"Alright! Where is that dumb fox!? He'll pay for his disobedience!"

Everyone around him was frightened by this sudden outburst, and the police forces were ordered by Bogo to find Nick so he could punish him for disobeying his orders. The police forces obeyed and attempted to look for Nick in every place around Zootopia, but then... after long hours of searching, they find Nick's badge lying on the ground in the rainforest district. Bogo was informed about this and was now feeling more worried than mad. Fortunately, during the search, one of the suspected wolves was caught and brought into the ZPD.

There, Bogo interrogated the wolf about Nick's whereabouts.

"Where is my officer, you filthy runt! Where's Nick!?" Bogo shouted at the smaller predator with fury only to be brought bad news.

"Oh? You want your little boy scout back, huh? Well, the boss took him out back in the district... Threw 'nades at him and... hehe, blew him to pieces... I saw it happen. The explosives are what caused the flood in the first place-The things blew up the dam."

Bogo was shocked to hear this, but he didn't believe the wolf and only denied the truth.

"You're lying! I know you're keeping Nick somewhere, I know it!" Bogo told the wolf, and then ordered the ZPD to find Nick.

News about Nick going missing spread across the entire city like wildfire, and even Judy heard about this when she saw the news on the television in the hospital she was in. She was worried sick and hoped that Nick was okay.

In a matter of a few days, the ZPD were finally able to capture the four wolves during their search, and the leader of the pack told the cops the exact same thing his minion told Bogo a few days ago, but he did not mention the portal that sucked Nick in. Now giving up, the ZPD deemed Nick as deceased, and the news broke everyone's hearts - Especially Judy's. But the portal saved Nick's life... it broke his fall by reducing the fall's velocity and speed greatly as he was being transported into the Marvel Universe.

-Before Nick's apparent death.

In the Marvel Universe, humanoid alien scientists working for the Nova Corps. were attempting to create wormholes that allow quick traveling from one place to another almost instantly, almost eliminating the need for vehicles. Dr. Lassiter, the old founder of the science company that works for the Nova Corps. thought about the idea of wormhole-traveling so that the space police of the Nova Corps. would have less trouble from going one place to another.

He was a genius scientist and helped create useful weapons and items for other good people to use in combatting wanted criminals. He was an old Foruji alien with dark green skin, a skinny body, 4 fingers on each hand, 3 large toes on each foot, human-ish eyes, a bald head, and a white beard and mustache. He wore a lab coat and pants like every other scientist in the complex. He was creating the wormholes in a large science lab filled with many technologies and equipment along with many scientists making more. A Nova Corps. sergeant, who was also a Foruji but younger and muscly, wanted to check on Lassiter's operation that was about creating the wormholes needed for fast traveling, and wanted Lassiter to test them out.

"Okay then, sergeant! Let's test this portals out! They are finished, anyway."

Lassiter activated the sequence that made the wormholes appear.

"It's working! Now we just need to open another portal and put an object into the portal and see if it will warp through the other one." Lassiter said.

But before he could, the portals started to go haywire and malfunction, opening up in many other dimensions and sucking in anything that got near them. But thanks to this, Nick was saved from his falling death and was sucked into the portal and then transported to the lab, unbeknownst to the people of Zootopia. But the portals also sucked in some nighthowlers during their rampage across the many dimensions.

Nick, some of the water that carried him, and a few nighthowlers fell through one of the portals and landed on the lab's floor. Lassiter shut down the portals and attempted to get the lights back on with the emergency generator after the portals sucked in some of the power cores used for the lights. The sergeant, the doctor and his many scientists tried to clean up the mess and end up finding Nick and some nighthowler flowers hidden among the carnage.

"Doctor, what the hell is this thing!?" The sergeant asked him.

"I don't know... what should we do with it?" Lassiter asked back, and the sergeant replied, saying

"Get rid of it! It might be some hostile alien that will bite our heads off when it wakes up! Kill it! Burn it!" The sergeant commanded with apparent self-righteousness.

And so, the scientists attempted to get rid f Nick, but Lassiter told them to stop, saying

"Wait! Stop! Maybe he can be of use to us... experiment on him or something."

But the sergeant demanded that Nick was disposed of, but Lassiter insisted that he'd be experimented on for he could be a useful test subject to test the soon-to-be-modified flowers on. Now convinced by the doctor, the sergeant agrees to use Nick as a test subject and attempt to turn the nighthowlers into supersoldier serums.

A few hours later, Nick wakes up strapped inside an empty vat with some holes on the front glass to enable breathing some oxygen. "Hey! Where am I!? What is this place!?" Nick shouted in the vat, struggling, and Lassiter and the sergeant then appeared before him.

"Who... who the hell are you guys!? Tell me where I am!" Nick shouted again.

Lassiter replied, saying "Now, now, calm down... we are not going to kill you, we just need to run some tests on you. The injections you'll receive will hurt a bit, but if the serum samples in them end up working, it will be very rewarding." Lassiter told Nick.

Nick was starting to feel worried and aggravated from this and asked again "Tests? What tests!? Injections!?" Nick shouted at the doctor, and the doctor calmly replied to him

"You'll see..." in a creepy tone.

"By the way, what's your name?" Lassiter asked Nick, and he replied

"It's Nick Wilde... why the hell do you want to know?" Nick answered the doctor's question in a hostile tone.

"Just curious..." The doctor replied.

Suddenly, injections held by small, mechanical arms in the vat then pierce Nick's skin on the arms and the back as they inject the modified nighthowler fluid inside him.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Nick screamed in pain and the injections continued piercing until they were empty.

This knocks Nick unconscious again, and the doctor told the sergeant

"It's time..."

After what seemed like long minutes, he wakes up in a large and very open room with metal walls everywhere except for the control room, with reinforced glass, the doctor, the sergeant and some other scientists were in. Nick took the time to look around and he quickly notices that he was bare-chested and wore only brown pants. Lassiter talked through the microphone in the room and his voice was loudly heard all around the room in a slightly static tone.

"Nick, you have been injected with 3 powerful doses of super soldier serums, you now have greatly enhanced physical and mental abilities such as superhuman speed, strength, durability, and more." Lassiter told Nick, but the fox didn't believe him, thinking that all of this was actually a trap of some sort.

"I don't believe you! Just get me out of here!" Nick shouted at the old doctor.

"I'll be releasing the combat robots now." Lassiter said, and then large, metal doors slowly opened upwards, revealing 8 intimidating, humanoid robots that did not need to attack Nick in order to be deemed hostile by him, for they already looked hostile to him.

"Fight them off, Nick! Use your new superhuman abilities!" Lassiter commanded Nick.

But Nick only stood there paralyzed with fear as one of the robots then ran quickly towards Nick.

"Fight them! You can do it!" Lassiter told Nick again, and Nick was no longer paralyzed.

When the robot got close to Nick and was ready to hit him hard with it's robotic fist while it was running, Nick closed his eyes hard, gritted his teeth, and instinctively swiped at the robot with the back of his hand, easily demolishing the tall robot's very tough armor and sending the thing flying to the side of the room as it shuts down. Nick was easily surprised by this and could not believe what he just did-He could feel adrenaline surging throughout his body, and felt a feeling he never felt before. Lassiter cheered for Nick.

"Yes! Alright! You can do this, Nick! You can take down the 7 remaining robots, I know it!"

Nick, now greatly motivated by his new enhanced abilities, charges with great speed at the robots and devastates another one by ripping off it's arms, punching it through the chest, and finally severing one of it's legs and bashing the robot's head with it. The 6 other robots charge at him, but all of their attacks missed because Nick was too fast for them. He then jumps high in the air and easily destroys one of them with a hard kick that also causes a shockwave that knocks the 5 other robots back.

"Hehehe... come and try to get me, you scrapheap dumb dumbs! I'm invincible!" Nick arrogantly bragged at the bots, but this arrogance didn't last long when one of the robots gets the jump on him and lands a punch on his face and makes Nick stagger.

Everyone in the control room including Lassiter gasped at this, but Nick didn't mind the punch at all.

"Wow... I didn't feel any pain and my skull didn't break... how? Is it because of the serum? Bah, no matter... what matters is that you just made a big mistake, robobuddy..." Nick said to the robot who punched him with a rape face-esque expression on his face, and brutalizes the robot by punching it hard multiple times and then throwing it into the air as he watches it fall to the ground.

"Four down... four to go." Nick said to himself.

Lassiter then told Nick that some tonfa blades were hung on a wall somewhere in the room, and suggests he should use them. Nick easily spots the blades from afar thanks to his greatly enhanced senses and runs towards them with super speed and grabs them by the handle as they should be. The robots then run toward Nick, but Nick is able to easily slice 2 of them, leaving only 2 left. Nick just stands and lets one them use one of his blades. Everyone in the control room gasped at this.

Lassiter asked Nick "What are you doing!?"

Nick replied, saying "Listen, doc... it ain't fun without a challenge."

The robot armed with a tonfa blade then charged at him and attempted to slash or stab him. Nick just stood there and let it hurt him, and it made only a small, open wound on his neck even though it slashed at Nick with very strong force due to Nick being super durable. But Nick quickly regenerated and the wound disappeared as if it never even existed, and Nick just smugly smirked. He then breaks the arm of the robot, slices it's head off with one of his tonfa blades, and regains his other tonfa blade. The last robot just blindly charged at Nick in a desperate attempt to kill him only to get sliced to bits by him in mere seconds.

"Wooohooooo! Now that's what I'm talking about!" Nick shouted triumphantly, but the battle wasn't over yet...

"Good, you took down the robots. Now, handle one last machine of destruction..."

The biggest metal door in the room then slowly opened upwards and revealed a gigantic, 10-meter robot armed to the teeth with large, shoulder-mounted chain-guns, top wrist-mounted blasters, and a really tough composite, metal armor all over it's body. Nick wasn't afraid to take this bot down even in the slightest bit, so he ran towards the massive machine while dodging it's ranged attacks by jumping around, running on the walls, and running on the ground in a serpentine pattern. Nick finally jumps on the robot's back, slices one of the shoulder-mounted chain-guns with his blades, dismounts the other one with his bare hands and hits the robot's face with it. Nick jumps high into the air yet again and chops one of the large robot's big arms off with amazing ease and does the same to the other arm. The large robot began to flail and Nick finished it off by hitting the robot's head repeatedly in quick succession with his fists.

"Outstanding! Absolutely outstanding, Nick!" Lassiter congratulated Nick.

"It's time for you to head inside your room. Your first day of training is done." Afterwards, Lassiter entered the large room Nick was in and escorted him to his room in the complex.

They arrived in Nick's room that had a TV, a comfortable bed, darts with a target hanged on the wall of the room, and Nick's new battle armor in a chest.

"You'll be sleeping here for the night, Nick. Tomorrow, we shall continue your training. Oh! I also forgot to tell you that you are also now immune to harmful, foreign chemicals like those blue flowers we used to make the serum that turned you into the greatly enhanced super soldier you currently are now." Lassiter told Nick.

But Nick quickly asked Lassiter about the so-called "Blue Flowers".

"Doc, what do you mean? Blue flowers? Are you talking about the nighthowlers?" Nick asked the doctor.

Lassiter then answered his question.

"Yes, blue flowers-and nighthowlers? Is that what they're called? When we first tried to turn it into a super soldier serum, it made one of my co-workers go feral and attack me and the sergeant, but we were able to incapacitate him and put him in a metal imprisonment and let him stay there until we find a cure; Amazingly, however, during the ensuing attack, he displayed some enhanced physical abilities. The second time we tried to transform the flowers into super soldier serums we were careful and wore gas masks with effective filters, and eliminated the flowers' ability to turn others feral by using a special, genetics-manipulating machine that left only it's ability to enhance a person's physical and mental abilities. We then used other enhancing fluids to further increase the potency and effectiveness of the flowers' ability to enhance other organisms and turned the flowers into what they are now: Super Soldier Serums."

Nick was surprised by what he heard and was internally laughing at the irony of what the nighthowlers were turned into-what was used to turn other animals into savage beasts was now used to turn them into superheroes.

"Alright, doc, I'll just be sleeping in now. G'night" Nick said goodbye to the doctor and Lassiter left.

Nick then closed his room's door and slept in for the night, but not before finding his new battle armor that was made up of a bulletproof vest with bulletproof shoulder guards and black pants that were also bulletproof. Lastly, there was a flexible, black, metal mouth mask that could fit and cover his entire mouth and only his mouth, but had 2 holes on the nose part of the mask that allowed breathing. In a nutshell, it looked like a dog version of the Winter Soldier's mask.

Nick was at first offended by this mask because it reminded him of the muzzle that traumatized him in his childhood, but soon sees that it actually isn't like the muzzle and the mask's purpose wasn't to forcefully silence him, but to protect him from damage. So, he wore it along with the rest of the battle armor and then slept.

But he had great trouble sleeping that night because he really missed Judy and was very worried about what happened to her. And the thought of being unable to return back to his homeworld worsened his mood.

The damage those vile wolves did... how could they? He made a vow to himself that he would soon see Judy rise back to health again, and one day get revenge on those wolves for what they did to her.

The next day...

Lassiter was talking to the same sergeant who accompanied him yesterday, saying

"I'm telling you, sergeant! Nick would be a great addition to the Nova Corps! Just imagine what he could do! Missions will be easier to complete now that he's here! Imagine the countless lives that will be saved!" Lassiter told the sergeant with great enthusiasm and eagerness.

The sergeant agreed with him. "I wholeheartedly agree, but he still needs some good training and getting used to his new powers and abilities; Perhaps teach him some martial arts and fighting styles?" The sergeant replied, and Lassiter also agreed with what he said.

"That's why he's training yet again, and we're going to his room to fetch him." Lassiter said with a smile on his face, but when he opened the room, Nick wasn't there.

"What the!? Where is he!?" Lassiter said with a worried tone. Thankfully, his co-worker told him that Nick was already in the same training room he fought the robots in.

"Ah, and Nick is quite the early bird, too!" Lassiter said, relieved.

Nick was standing in the room with his tonfa blades and battle armor at the ready, waiting for training bots to attack him. Lassiter and the sergeant arrived in the control room. "Nick! You're already here! Good! We can start the training earlier now.

" Lassiter talked through the microphone in the control room and began activating the bots in the cells they were in, but before he could, Nick wanted to tell Lassiter something.

"Oh, uh, doc... I don't think you should call me Nick anymore... just call me... Apex... The Apex Predator." Nick said with pride.

Lassiter replied, "Oh, well... uh... if you say so." Lassiter then activated the bots and started opening the metal doors.

Many metal doors slowly opened upwards in front of Nick from afar, revealing hordes of combat robots ready to attempt to kill Nick, but Nick stood his ground and waited. The robots charged at Nick as he swipes his blades at one of them with determination and focus in his eyes.

-End of Episode 1: The Way of The Vulpine.
The Way of The Vulpine
When Nick falls off of a collapsing dam and gets carried away by a large amount of running water while attempting to solve a case alone, he gets sucked into a portal that came out of nowhere and gets transported to a science lab in the Marvel Universe. He is then experimented on and granted a wide array of new, greatly enhanced physical and mental abilities.

No need to worry, me and my friend will update and improve the story later on.

EDIT: Okay, my friend has just told me to stop continuing the fanfic for some reason.

Sorry to disappoint you all.

I don't know, but when somebody creates a fanfic where Judy is the heroic main protagonist, it actually gets lots of faves, reviews, etc.:…

Just look at all of those ratings and statuses and all that.

But when someone creates a fanfic where Nick is the heroic main protagonist, it's just shunned, neglected, and ignored:…


The same goes for the fanarts, too.

Judy being all badass and the fanart gets lots of faves:…

But why can't poor Nick get the same royal treatment?…

The art is just lacking faves and comments.

Plus, most of the fanarts often have Nick getting victimized badly and Judy's there to be all badass and awesome:…

Just look at poor Nick. Dude just hit the dirt like a bumbling, retarded fool when he's actually not.

And here's one more:…

And just look at the artist's comments: He really hates Nick and really loves Judy. What the fuck? Nick's not even the evil villain in the movie! What did he do to deserve this?

It's just not fair if you think about it.

I think we should change our ways a bit, you know? This fox sacrificed his role as a main protagonist so that the movie could improve greatly for christ's sake, and this is how we all thank him? That's just messed up. If he hadn't, where would the 1 billion dollars be? Sure, Judy is the dominant main protagonist and Nick is just the helpful and resourceful deuteragonist, but I think this is just going too far and it's been going on for too long now.

EDIT: Heck, most of Nick's fans aren't even loyal to him enough too:…

Just scroll down to the artwork's description - A user named aoimotion said she'd be more than willing to betray Nick for Jack Savage, a scrapped character who had little to no character development and screen time.

... It's not fair.

Editing again to add additional information: WH40k + Zootopia = Inquisitor Judy Just fucking look at that. The fans even make Nick a lower lifeform compared to Judy. The artist made Nick a mere deceased trophy Judy owns as a goddamn inquisitor from Warhammer. Really?

More proof that the entire fandom is just a sadistic hellhole filled with people who love seeing Nick get hurt:…

Someone made a comment in the link and said the following: "Again, poor Nick is the punching bag for the community ;-)"

Just go to the link yourself, it's true. Plus, there's a freaking smiley face going with it - Heavily implying that the person doesn't give a single damn about Nick. And I have gathered more than enough proof that almost all the rest of the fandom is the same.

Oh, now this is a good one... a huge bunch of Zootopia fans are supporting Judy for making an impressive yet highly offensive comeback directed at Nick and they just turn the fox down - Casting him aside and just cheering for Judy.…

Not to mention... THIS:…

Many fans supporting Judy, many fans saying that Nick will just lose pathetically.

Aaaand a similar thing happening:…


And yet another one:…

You goddamn Zootopia fans, you give Judy all the love and support but not Nick? What the fucking hell?

I wish Nick wasn't forced to live under Judy's shadow... he doesn't deserve that. He doesn't indeed, he's a character with so much potential. Yet Judy gets all the fame, love, and glory.

Dude, Judy suffered from bullying for only a few times, and she got back at the bully(s) in the end.

Nick on the other hand, was betrayed by people whom he once thought as friends and he was scarred for life--Plus, he wasn't able to fight back against the bullies, he just helplessly let it happen.

And this is how the fans try to "comfort" him...

Also, if you think about it, WildeHopps is kinda abusive in some way. 
See, Nick was going to be the main protagonist and hero of Zootopia when the movie was still following the shock collar concept, but Judy pretty much (in a sense) manipulated Byron and Rich with her cuteness, fluffyness, and fitting personality to replace Nick with her.

Nick was going to have everything good, now he's just getting the complete opposite from the fans.

The bunny just convinced everyone not to hurt her by pretending to be fragile when she's actually freaking tough, and she's pretty much telling everyone to hurt Nick instead because he's tougher when he's actually not.

I mean, did you even see his childhood? How is he even tough?

To quote a friend of mine who once said the following: "I seriously don't know, call me fucked up, but I felt like zero empathy for Judy's childhood. Good grades, good friends, caring parents, a big family that loved her, and a seemingly unachievable dream (we all have one) and everybody just loves her determination and all and they forget she had how to carry on with her dream. She is freaking TOUGH; a thing young Nick isn't, and let me say this, adult Nick isn't as well. His parents were probably divorced (point "so my MOM scraped together enough money"; his MOM, almost implying a dead beat dad there.), he lived on a bad part of town, had no friends, was seen with discrimination... Didn't care for any of it, the one and only thing that he wanted to do in the world was to be a scout and do good for others, but nooo, foxes are untrustworthy. What happened to Judy was BULL compared to what happened to Nick."

It's almost like Judy's just using Nick's suffering for her own gain. I mean, if they were completely self aware of the fact that they were fictional characters in fiction, do you know what Judy would be doing to Nick now? Berating him, forcing him to do her bidding, make him act cute for the fans, pretend to love him just for the sake of the WildeHopps ship - one of the many reasons why she's popular and famous (she's pretty fucking selfish), and I may go on.

That's like an abusive girlfriend hurting her defenseless boyfriend just for sick kicks, and she actually convinces everyone that their relationship is healthy by blackmailing her boyfriend into agreeing with her no matter what and all other sick shit.

And to quote a friend of mine who said the following: "I seriously don't know, call me fucked up, but I felt like zero empathy for Judy's childhood. Good grades, good friends, caring parents, a big family that loved her, and a seemingly unachievable dream (we all have one) and everybody just loves her determination and all and they forget she had how to carry on with her dream. She is freaking TOUGH; a thing young Nick isn't, and let me say this, adult Nick isn't as well. His parents were probably divorced (point "so my MOM scraped together enough money"; his MOM, almost implying a dead beat dad there.), he lived on a bad part of town, had no friends, was seen with discrimination... Didn't care for any of it, the one and only thing that he wanted to do in the world was to be a scout and do good for others, but nooo, foxes are untrustworthy. What happened to Judy was BULL compared to what happened to Nick."

And I agree with every word.

See? All of the fans saw Nick's childhood and sympathized with him, but because of Judy acting all fucking cute and fragile, they instead redirect all of the damage to him INSTEAD and completely FORGET all about their sympathy. Wasn't his childhood enough abuse? Why can't Judy receive the same mistreatment, hm? SHE TOOK DOWN A FREAKING RHINO ALL BY HERSELF AND EVEN EXCHANGED BLOWS WITH THE BEHEMOTH.

Now how is there NOT any manipulation being concocted by the bunny, hm? 
How the fuck is she fragile? This ship is too abusive, but people are too blinded by its surface exterior to even realize it.

What the hell is up with this fandom?

And like a said, A HUGE BUNCH of Zootopia fans are doing this.

Sorry for complaining, but I think it's about time somebody pointed this fact out.

NIGHTMARE FUEL by anonymousperfection
Lord Dominator is a hot, SCARY girl.

Screenshot of that part where she pushes Hater to the ground and looms over him during her "I'm the bad guy" song.


Wander Over Yonder is owned by Craig McCracken.


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